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Arts & Minds


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Arts & Minds is a non-profit organization committed to improving quality of life for people living with Alzheimer’s disease and other dementias. We partner with museums to provide meaningful art-centered activities that create positive cognitive experiences, enhance communication and reduce isolation. Our programs empower people with dementia, family members, professional caregivers and educators to strengthen social, emotional and spiritual bonds by engaging with art.

What people are saying about Arts & Minds:


“Twice a month, for an hour and a half, I delight in watching my husband of 51-years discuss art, draw squiggly lines, and ask questions. We forget our daily struggles and become a couple again”
- Lin Jacobson

“My mother, proudly displays what she has created on the refrigerator and we talk about the experiences often.”
- Cynthia Hernandez

“We can say what we feel here.”
– Landon Wickham